About National Esports Federation

From grassroots programs to the international stage, nef is the national facilitating body for esports and gaming welfare.

Who We ARE?

National Esports Federation (NeF) is a not-for-profit national facilitating body for esports and gaming industry in India, with a mandate to represent, promote and advance all electronic sports and gaming interests. With over 150 clubs licence holders, 1,300 registered participants, 17 esports arena partners and 10 upcoming national esports training arena, NeF is a significant contributor to the social, physical, emotional and economic wellbeing of the esports industry across India.

Our Vision

An aligned Indian esports community that inspires and serves amateur gamers and professional esports athletes in their pursuit of personal excellence from rigs to podium.

Our Mission

To lead, support, promote, govern and advocate for the esports and gaming community in India.

Our Core Values

We believe in:

  • Excellence: Upholding world-class standards in all our initiatives.
  • Welfare: Protecting the safety and welfare of esports athletes and institutions equally.
  • Partnership: Generating a culture of unity and collaboration across the esports community.
  • Service: Effectively and proactively serving the Indian esports community to support the advancement of sport and industry.
  • Integrity: Championing an ethical, responsible and respectful approach to all roles, levels and areas of esports participation.

Operational Structure

Registering a Complaint

NeF has zero tolerance for harassment and abuse in electronic sports. The Harassment Policy put in place by NeF provides information and guidelines on registering a formal complaint.


Love esports? Want to make a difference in the sport of gaming in India? Consider a career with National Esports Federation, the predominant national esports and gaming organization in the country. We are being recognized by Asia Pacific Esports Confederation (APESCON) as the national governing body for equestrian sport and recreation in India.


For general questions regarding Equestrian Canada, please contact:
National Esports Federation
Call +91 814 28 200 28 or shoot an email to [email protected]


We fulfil a broad range of governance, advocacy and development functions, all of which focus, in one way or another, on gaming. If you are wondering what governance is and how it works for NeF? Read our straightforward NeF Governance FAQs to get a clear picture.

The following is the list of the Operational Council for the National Esports Federation:

  • President – Mr. Apoorv Parihar
  • Secretary General – Mr. Akhilesh Datta
  • Tournament Coordinator – Mr. Shastrajeet Singh
  • Social Media Coordinator – Mr. Hemant Rawat
  • Digital Development Coordinator – Mr. Prakash Thakur
  • IPR Consultant – Ms. Megha Gupta
  • Legal Consultant – Nehra & Nehra Associates

The following is the list of the members on the Executive Council for the National Esports Federation:

  • Mr. Apoorv Parihar
  • Mr. Akhilesh Datta
  • Col. B.N. Devaiah (Retd.)
  • Gp. Capt. MAS Vishnu (Retd.)
  • Mr. Siddharth Shankar Nazir
  • Mr. Mohit Agarwal
  • Mr. Manish Kumar
  • Mr. Nitin Agarwal
  • Mrs. Seema Singh
  • Mr. CV Sunil Kumar

Support Us

By supporting NeF, you are helping to ensure that the future of the Indian esports and gaming industry remains strong, and Indians have the opportunity to honour and progress in electronic sports and gaming.

To reach the podium, our athletes need rigorous simulated training, access to gaming camps around the country, superior year-round coaching, travel to national and international competitions, proper nutrition, essential mental performance support, and state of the art equipment. Donors play a significant role in ensuring our athletes have all the resources they need to reach their full potential and make India proud on the global esports scene. Below is a list of ways that you can make a difference in the journey of our gaming champions.

Online Donation

Federation’s online donation platform allows you to choose where and how your funds are directed across the organization. A wide range of options exist:

  • General NeF Fund
  • Contribute to our annual fundraising campaign
  • Hall of fame club membership
  • Personal giving
  • Gifts from outside the country
  • Gits of securities
  • Experiential & Event giving
  • Gaming with Champions
  • Endowments
  • Legacy
  • Air Miles Program