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Support Us

Presently there are 11 ways to support the national esports federation and the athletes who represent and will be representing our country with pride on both international and domestic stages!

For sponsorship related queries please drop a mail to

For marketing and partnership related queries please drop a mail to


Sponsors are crucial for the future success of our chapters and programs. We want to try to keep the membership fees down so that anyone that wants to play will be able to afford the sign-up fee. Please contact us if you have an opportunity to sponsor. For a detailed list Sponsorship opportunity with the National Esports Federation please click here to download the sponsorship proposal or click here to visit the sponsorship page.


Just like the athletes of any traditional sport, Esports athletes are also primarily dependent on sponsorships to grow in their various niches. Right from critical gear to travel expenses, on an average 90% of the expenses for esports athletes from other countries are compensated by sponsors. We request you to come forward and help out Indian Esports Athletes with the same. After all, with the largest youth population in the world, our athletes deserve a chance to make a name for India and themselves on a global level. Feel free to reach out to our team to initiate a discussion on how your valuable resources can help us shape a bright future for the Indian Esports scene.


Esports tournaments have seen a drastic change in the spectatorship, especially since the popularization of streaming services such as YouTube and Twitch. These days event the tiniest of the esports tournaments have a massive digital footfall and thus it presents a great opportunity for brands to come forward and host local, regional or national tournaments. The costs involved in hosting such tournaments is comparatively much lower to any other form of traditional advertising. For starters a respectable tournament with a small prize money for the currently trending game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) can be hosted within a budget starting from INR 30,000 for hundreds of athletes – both Pro and Amateurs. The average reach from such a tournament can be as high as a million hits, and is streamed by a few hundred thousand. There have been countless such incidents where in India brands like Oppo have sponsored tournaments worth crores so as to utilize embedded advertising benefits to a collective audience between the age of 18-34 years of age. As the advertising is part of the engaging esports platform, such campaigns often result in a tremendous positive sentiment for the sponsor brand. To discuss the opportunity of funding a tournament, feel free to reaching out to our Tournament Coordinators at +91 9818 93 1185 or drop us a mail at