A Team membership is the best starting point to get to know all the other Indian teams and get in contact with various event organizers & potential sponsors up close and personal. The team membership with NEF is to become a part of the community that will grant a sporting license to One (1) Team of up to 16 players – spanning across one or multiple games, to pursue esports professionally. Under the team membership, every athlete will get affiliation to one team sporting license and also an individual sporting license.


  • For membership the athlete must above the age of 16 years of age as on January 1 st 2019.
  • All athletes must be an Indian National regardless of country of residence.
  • Have a unique team name and team insignia.


  • All members shall be issued with Sporting Licenses giving them the status of a registered athlete with scannable identity cards that shall be valid for the period of one year.
  • All Members shall have a dedicated page on the federation portal that shall list their achievements, their sponsorship availability, results of their past tournament participations etc.
  • Be a part of the Indian Esports Contingent at the Asian Games 2022 – to be held at Hangzhou, China, where Esports are to be a medal sport for the first time – as well as other international tournaments.
  • Team shall get a professional website designed by our digital partners on which the accolades and achievements shall be maintained along with the federation portal. The media and domain for the team to be provided by the team members.
  • Right to register for all events under the NEF umbrella with no entry fee – based on Sporting License and discounted rates for events in collaboration with NEF, for the period of their valid membership across all esports titles.
  • Members shall be eligible to avail all discounts and deals offered exclusively by the partners to NEF upon successful verification of the Sporting License.
  • Team Ranking within the federation to be maintained to classify seed positions under various esports titles, the list of which shall be uploaded to the ranking page of the federation. This ranking shall be independent of the Athlete Ranking and Team Ranking for individual sports.
  • Athlete Ranking within the federation to be maintained to classify seed positions under various esports titles, the list of which shall be uploaded to the ranking page of the federation.
  • Team listing on the federation portal to certify team status and to promote team on the world wide web and social media.
  • Optional Social Media Management and Creative Marketing services from our digital partners to assist team in developing its own audience.
  • Collaborative community access to pro and amateur athletes for mentorship and counselling.
  • Logo placements on various marketing material for teams only invitational matches that shall be hosted within the federation as well as against international federations.
  • Priority and special privileges for members at events, training and seminars hosted by NEF.


  • Annual fee for membership shall be INR 5,000 per team valid for a period of one year. This fee structure is valid only till February 28 th 2019.
  • Post February 28 th 2019, the annual membership fee per team will be chargeable at INR 1,5000. Student applicants with a valid Student ID Card will have an option to pay the fee in three quarterly instalments keeping in mind that some of the applicants may have their financial constraints.
  • Annual membership for Student teams consisting of College, University or High School teams shall be chargeable at INR 10,000 to be paid by the respective institution to enjoy Institutional Naming Rights for the team.

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