Esports India is committed to creating a unified “Esports in India” family. The strategic goal is to build a system where every person involved with Esports in India is connected to the sport’s governing body.


The Indian Rankings are lists of the players / Squad in order of strength as calculated in Point system.

Tournaments included

The Rankings will be derived from Ranking tournaments. These tournaments are graded and the details published in National Esports Federation (NEF). The ranking for the shall be in two groups viz. Solo and Squad.


The top 1000 solo players' and 100 Squads' rankings shall be published after every tournament. The lists of all players are published monthly on the Federation website


To get Ranked in the Ranking Tournament you need to qualify at least in top 20 of your group while playing solo and top 5 while playing in squad.

Points lists

The following table show the points awarded in Ranking tournaments


Rank Point Rank Point
1 500 8 180
2 365 9 160
3 315 10 145
4 280 11-12 130
5 250 13-15 115
6 225 16-20 100
7 200 1 Kill 5

Criteria for Indian Ranking Tournaments


  • Must be above 16 years of age as of 2019.
  • Should be the member of National Esports Federation.